Like many folks I am an information junkie.  I have loved to read business and self help books as well as listen to books on CD (yes I am dating myself) as long as I can remember.  And now there is Amazon Audio- whoo hoo!  One of my favorite things along with podcasts.  So I will keep this list updated as there are so many great tools out there for people to learn from.  There are so many that it would take pages and pages to mention.  I also appreciate your suggestions so please email me.  I believe everyone learns from something, someone or experiences.  We were not born knowing it all.

Will try to keep this short and sweet—

Books/Audio Books

Gabby Bernstein’s- Universe Has Your Back.  I love this book!  Read it 2x and also listened on audio many times.  When I buy a book and the audio you know its great!  Her other books are great as well and I really contribute her content to my moving forward to being a Success Coach as well as starting to meditate daily.  I also subscribe to her Monthly Miracle Membership program.

Jen Sincero- You are a Bad Ass and You are a Bad Ass at Making Money– both awesome!  I know she has a new book out that’s on my list read.  Her style is fabulous- witty, real/down to earth and good tips.  Her books are ones you can read over and over.

Gary Vee (Vaynerchuk)- Crushing It!  Amazing book- helped get me started in this chapter of my life. Have on both audio and hard cover.  Stories from other successful entrepreneurs without being too wordy.  He gets to the point with great ideas (as always!)  Podcast and You Tube are also great.  I learned about podcasts from this book.  He has a chapter on John Lee Dumas who has a very successful podcast and course called Entrepreneurs on Fire (

Grant Cardone– I would say any book by Grant Cardone is a great read.  His book “10X”let me know it was OK to work hard.  He had me at- “Anyone that suggests to me to do less is either not a good friend or very confused.” Some folks have family members and friends that shun working hard.  Since this favorite author goes back a bit I have CD’s as well as hard covers.  He has so much great content out there on line for anyone that needs some motivation, real estate advice, money advice etc.  He is a good “go to” and is very real “get off your butt” type. Some may think he is a bit much but have to admire and respect his work ethic and real life advice.

The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz–  This book is an easy read and jammed with practical and tactical thoughts/advice.  My personal one I need to work on is “Don’t’ Assume Anything”.  Anyone can benefit from this book and I have read it many times.


I discovered podcasts in 2018 and it changed my world.  I have learned so much from listening in the car and on my daily walks.  I listen to a lot of social media/marketing and coaching podcasts so these are a few favorites that are more general inspiration:

  • Earn Your Happy- Lori Harder– Great Inspiration! She is an awesome interviewer and has great guests.
  • Style Your Mind- Cara Alwill Leyba– Her podcasts gave me the inspiration to move forward and find a coaching school. She is truly authentic! I was very fortunate to meet her as she hosted a Boss Brunch and she is truly awesome in person. Cara is also the best selling author of 9 books. Must check out Cara’s new book “Girl On Fire” and listen to my podcast conversation with her Episode 37 on The Good Karma Success Coach Podcast.
  • JD Interviews- Entrepreneurs on Fire. As I mention above I found out about JLD through Gary Vee’s book. JLD does a great job of interviewing a wide variety of guests- business owners, social media entrepreneurs. He asks great questions and always has tactical advice.
  • And Mine! The Good Karma Success Coach– Tactical Tips, Tools and Stories that help inspire you to be your best self.


Just an awesome company (they even have an Awesome Fest) in which the videos and webinars are all self development based. Topics from health to business to spirituality to parenting.  Vishen does an amazing job.  The $99 a year for Conscious Engineering is more than worth it.  I also like all the coaching tools from Ajit.

Meditation Apps

I started meditating daily in June 2018 and haven’t missed a day. If I can do it anyone can do it! Some great apps to try:

  • Free Guided Meditation– great music and you can adjust to your liking.
  • Insight Timing– has some free courses and trails and some you can pay a small amount for.
  • Oprah and Deepaks– you can do a free trial and there are various packages. I did pay for the Abundance package and I love it. This one is now my daily go -to.
  • As I mentioned her above- you can go to Gabby’s Bernstein’s website and signup for some Free Meditations.