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Episode 134: Obsessed with Human Design! Part 2 w/ Ann Smyth

As promised!  Part 2 with Human Design Advisor and my fellow incredible Certified Life Coach- Ann Smyth.

She gives such juicy scoop on how to use Human Design to build awareness, transform and be happy!  

We are all unique and perfect in our own way and this modality is an amazing tool to help you understand that.

Make sure that have your chart handy. And take it a step forward and pull your partner/spouse or someone else’s chart like I did. It really helps with relationships, communication and overall joy!

Free chart at:

Please check out the other 2 GKSC Human Design podcasts- 122 and 130.

Connect with Ann on IG and her website: https://www, to book a call.

Thank you for listening and sharing!!!

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Episode 132: How To Live Your Soul Plan- w/ Bella Luna

Welcome back Bella Luna!

If you didn’t catch Episode 128 – please check that out too!

Bella Luna is a Spiritual Life Coach, Mystic and Healer.

In this fun and enlightening episode we dig into Soul Plan Readings, what they are, and how having one can help you.

Bella gave me a reading last week and I share that insight and how you can relate as well. I loved it!

Connect with Bella on FB, IG or website below:

Thank you for listening!!!

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Episode 131: Let’s Talk Metaphysical w/ Deb Frueh

Always excited and appreciative when a guest returns…

And for this episode Deb Frueh, Intuitive Tarot Card Reader, Coach and Founder of the 8th Annual Worldwide Metaphysical Tribe, shares all things her upcoming event.

You will love:

The fairy story
Insight about Physical Mediums 
How she started the event
Lineup of speakers- including Grant Cameron
And other scoop regarding the event

Following Deb on FB and also check out her website:

The 8th Annual Worldwide Metaphysical Tribe is this coming August 19-22nd and I am super excited to be attending!

Would love to see you as well!

Thank you for listening!

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Episode 130: How To Understand Human Design w/ Ann Smyth

Selfishly…I have been anxiously awaiting this podcast!  And once you hear it – you will understand why.

Ann Smyth is a Certified Life Design Coach & Human Design Advisor. She helps people seeking to leave the world of grind and hustle behind and works with them to design a life they love and live on their terms.

In this episode- we start the deeper dive into how Human Design can really help you. It’s life changing!

Please also check out podcast episode 122 so you get a general idea if Human Design is new to you. Ann shares more details so its’ helpful to have your chart handy. Free link below.

Connect with Ann on IG @annsmythcoaching and her website

Thank you for listening!

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Episode 128: Being and Achieving Your Best w/ Bella Luna

“Make the journey as magical as the destination.”- Bella Luna

Wow!  I hope you are ready for this incredible episode with Spiritual Life Coach, Mystic & Healer- Bella Luna. 

We talk about:

Moon Phases
How you can use the moon for time management
Importance of reconnecting  to your Higher Self. 
6 Steps

I hope you love this episode as much as I do! I have the chills now typing this. Please connect and share!

Bella’s Info: (Free Moon-Mentum Guide I refer to) 

FB and IG @bellalunamystic

Private FB Group-

Thank you for listening!

Connect with me further at:

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