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Episode 99: What Makes You Attractive? w/ Kimberly Beam Holmes

“Did you know there is actual process to falling in love?”- Kimberly Beam Holmes. CEO of Marriage Helper and Founder and CEO of PIES University.

Kimberly helps people fall in love with a research proven four step process that begins w/ attraction.  

In this episode we discuss:

1. What does PIES stand for and how does it relate to attraction?

2. Can attraction be developed?

3. Understanding your values as well as the other persons.

4. Giving the person a chance as well as recognizing what you need to work on.


*Bonus 5. Social Media- stay tuned until the end!  Kimberly shares her recent social media story which sounds like a great way to manage time and energy.

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Also check out her podcast- It Starts With Attraction

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Episode 98: The Secrets Of A Mentalist w/ Jonathan Pritchard

This episode is a double listen!  You may take some notes too…

Expert mentalist, author, coach and speaker, Jonathan Pritchard, shares his over 30 years of real life experience (15+years business) in applied psychology so you can improve your life.

We speak about:

-What is a mentalist?

-What are the basic principles of mind reading and magic?

-His experience on America’s Got Talent

-Practice, focus, time, and experience

-His example of how he broke through and get attention.  What can you do?

-The physics of martial arts and why that’s important

– What’s a successful performer?

Connect with Jonathan on LI and YouTube as well as:

And his book on Amazon: Think Like A Mind Reader

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Episode 97: Bonus! Building Confidence/ Book Release- Guest Ryan Van Fleet

The time has come!  Brilliant Breakthroughs For The Small Business Owner releases Wed. Nov. 11, 2020.

It’s been an amazing experience- learned a lot! And brought up a lot of memories that Ryan and I had buried.

We hope to help others with what we share- feel OK being uncomfortable as you learn, grow, try new things which all lead to confidence!

Book available on Amazon.

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Episode 96: Your Words Energy, Manifesting Tips!

“Don’t adapt to the energy in the room, influence the energy in the room.”-  Unknown.

I laid it all out in this one…

Affirmation: I am in perfect alignment with my goals and dreams.

Let me know what you think.

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Episode 95: Action, Mindset and Confidence w/ Ryan Van Fleet

Start this month off on a positive track.

Ryan Van Fleet (Good Karma Sportfishing) and I discuss taking one action to help yourself move forward.  That action can help shift your mindset and build confidence.

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Episode 94- Your Past Lives/Other Lives- Guest Marie Faulkner

Have you ever wondered what other lives you have had?
Or wish to take a journey into what your higher mind is wanting you to see?
Are you experiencing something in this lifetime where you could use some help or insight?

When Marie Faulkner told me what she does- it was another “Sign me up!” 

I share my story about my reading as well as how Marie can help you too!

Connect with Marie on FB or her website

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Episode 93- Improve Your Life! w/ Dr. Isabel and Dr. Jyun

Dr. Isabel Perez and Dr. Jyun Shimizu are ISAMIZU.

The are a team of Quantum Health Consultants that provide pathways through combining the latest breakthroughs of modern science and technology with centuries of wisdom of natural therapies to achieve balanced and holistic health.

I have gotten to know Dr. Jyun b/c he is a co-author in The Brilliant Breakthroughs For The Small Business Owner book series that Ryan and I are also part of.  It was great to get to know Dr. Isabel for this podcast.  I was thrilled that they both could be on the podcast!

They share the 5 ISAMIZU Conscious Actions that you can make a practice so you can live your best life!

Connect on IG

website is

Thank you for listening!!

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Episode 92- Unselfishly Loving Me- Announcement!!!

es!!  Super excited Raphie Wagner (Founder of Not A Momma) is hosting another Live Virtual Summit which she has fabulously rebranded to call is a “Virtual Retreat.”

I was part of her live summit last April and it was so fun!  I am honored to be part of it again.

Unselfishly Loving Me- Live Virtual Retreat.  Starts this Friday night with a kick off party- Oct 16th.  Then 12 live speakers and interaction Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th. 

Sign up at

Follow her at IG @notamomma

Thank you for listening and sharing!

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Episode 91- Can We All Be Nice?, Energy, Kind Souls, Confidence

I coach and speak about confidence…so here we go with this episode…this covers racism, politics and just being kind….

You will either think:

A. “Melinda has lost her mind”

B. “I kinda get it….maybe goes against how I was raised..but it’s making me think.”

C. Heck ya!  Totally hear ya!

Email me at and let me know.

Here’s to being my authentic self.

Thanks for listening!

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Podcasters Paradise

Podcasting is rapidly growing in popularity and is a great way to share information about your business or hobby. Podcasters Paradise is a great course and very supportive that both my husband and I are a part of. I can answer your questions as well. My podcast is quickly growing into a top educational podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher. I really enjoy doing it and have learned a lot.

Please email me if you have any questions. This is my affiliate link and I will earn a commission if you decide to join using it: