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I Speak On and Coach Women To Help Them Believe In Themselves And Take Action So That They Can Accomplish Their Goals and Dreams.

What do you imagine your life to be like?

What do you want?

It’s your time:

  • It’s your time to take action
  • It’s your time to step into your confidence
  • It’s your time to focus on what you want- career, life, relationships
  • It’s your time to work on your self beliefs and your mindset
  • It’s your time to create great habits and retrain your brain
  • It’s time to be your best self!

Hi!  I’m Melinda-

If you want to live your best life, be happy, live with ease, make an impact (to name a few) and you are looking for the tools and a coach to help you along the way you have found the right person.

I truly believe if I can do it- you can too!

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”
Napoleon Hill

The Good Karma Success Coach Podcast

The Good Karma Success Coach Podcast- Each week my intent is to bring you tactical tips/tools, share my learnings and stories that can help you in your career or general life and make an impact. I aim to inspire, transform and be relatable to where you are in your journey.

Ep 201: Goal Setting and Surrendering w/ Ryan Van Fleet

Do you have goals, take action and then surrender? At least a little bit? Monthly podcast w/ my husband Ryan Van Fleet of Good Karma Sportfishing. https://goodkarmasportfishing.com/ The podcast I mention that is a Part 1 is Crush It In Sales Episode 142 which is about...

Ep 200: Affirmations and Energy

https://traffic.libsyn.com/thegoodkarmalifecoach/200_Affirmations_and_Energy_-_61822_1.57_PM.mp3 200th Episode! Soooo Bananas!!! I am celebrating and so appreciative!!! This episode why not talk about my favorite topic- energy! ________ Thank you for listening!...

Ep 199: Recognizing Your Energy

I woke up Wednesday morning and had this vision... Figuring out your energy and level and what works for you is the magic! Story share and some thoughts on what to do in your evolution. Thank you for listening and sharing! Connect further on FB, LI, TW or IG...

Why Work with a Success Coach?

Easier to give reasons as to “Why Not?”
If you are not interested in being your best self in your relationships, career, health/fitness, money etc. than you will not want to work with a Success Coach.

Self Help/Wellness/Mental Health is a growing development area. It is predicted that most people will have coaches just like they have trainers.

Melinda Van Fleet is a professional success coach who helps women believe in themselves and take action so that they can overcome challenges and maximize their potential. 

Utilizing her 25 years of experience building businesses, and her passion for working with people, Melinda teaches women real life tools they can use to improve their relationships, increase productivity, and approach each day with a sense of purpose.

Prior to launching her speaking, coaching and consulting business, Melinda rose to the top of her industry as a successful senior buyer in the corporate world as well as a top performing sales rep. She accomplished this while helping her husband launch and run his small business, and is truly passionate about personal and professional development.

Melinda regularly speaks to groups of women to motivate them in their lives and businesses, and is the host of the podcast, The Good Karma Success Coach.

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