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“Why work with a Coach?”

Great question!  Especially b/c there is so much online self help social media content, books, podcasts and webinars…

Here is why (in a nutshell):


  • Coaching is an autonomous process that helps you make a plan for impact. VS a book or webinar I am able to communicate back to you to really help you and guide you.
  • Coaches can help hold your accountable. This is key! Often you can read a book, listen to audio or watch a webinar and then you move on- you forget it. You don’t practice and most folks don’t even do it to begin with. You don’t have someone on the other side asking the hard questions that make you think and have an A-Ha Moment and really change.
  • Coaches understand and can empathize often with their own stories and experience. And if you need more of a consultant role they can help guide you towards a solution.

So How Can I Help You?


Coaching Packages

One on One

One on one coaching available. Please contact me for details.


Available for Speaking/Events / 305-393-9607

“Share The Good Vibes”

Monthly Meetup 6-7:30pm

In this super fast paced tech world – we are losing connection and mindfulness with good things that happen! How can we contribute positively to each others lives- share and connect? This is a free event- meant to help network and just have fun!

Each month will have a different topic/intention- all related to being positive. Light workshop exercises, sharing and tools to help you be your best self. Nothing stressful- I promise!

Bring a friend or family member! No limit.

Held At: Village Square Trading Post

Upper Keys/ Islamorada, FL- MM 81.4 Bayside (Back by Miss Monroe and Boo Kee Sue Botanics)

2020 Dates so far:

  • Thursday January 9th
  • February 13th
  • March 5th
  • April 2nd
  • May 7th

Connect with me on FB and/or to be aware of any date changes.

Join FB Group- Good Vibes.


Melinda’s natural honesty and composure have a way of drawing you in to her story and showing you what she’s all about.

Her relatable personality gives me the confidence that she would help guide her clients to bring out the best in themselves and their lives.

Amanda Macais


Melinda is such a positive and inspiring person. She’s breath of fresh air in an increasingly negative world. She makes you feel like, if she can do it, so can you.

Liz Huddleson- owner Miss Monroe and Wild Lily Boutiques


I appreciated your willingness to share open and honesty your story. It was inspiring to hear the key daily steps you have taken to live your best life. The ideas were easily transferable to different goals and journeys. Thank you for helping guide us closer to our true self.

Danielle Hill


Melinda made a subject completely unknown to me seem totally relatable and easily understood. Melinda and her guests easily captured the audiences attention by speaking openly about personal experiences, as if having a conversation with a good friend. Enjoyed the insight, information and enlightenment. Thank you for a great evening!

Sue Wright- owner- Boo Kee Sue Botanics


Melinda was authentic & relatable! She made me feel comfortable and inspired me to share more of my true self with the world!

Carrlee Pinder- owner of Adundant Life Therapy



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