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Melinda doesn’t like to waste time and neither do I. if you book a coaching session with her, she gathers information ahead of time so she can come prepared and use the full session to your advantage. I have had other coaching sessions where I have felt unsure of what I paid for. With Melinda I was given practical useful information that I could start implementing right away. She is positive, upbeat and a creative problem solver. She doesn’t give up and her high vibe of “Get Things Done“ is infectious. I left the call feeling informed, excited, and empowered to get started get started on my project. Thank you Melinda!

—Nicole Russo, Owner of Skin to Soul

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“Why work with a Coach?”

Great question!  Especially b/c there is so much online self help social media content, books, podcasts and webinars…

Here is why (in a nutshell):


  • Coaching is an autonomous process that helps you make a plan for impact and transformation VS a book or webinar. I am able to communicate with you  directly and privately to really help you and guide you.
  • Coaches can help hold your accountable. This is key! Often you can read a book, listen to audio or watch a webinar and then you move on- you forget it. You don’t practice and most folks don’t even do it to begin with. You don’t have someone on the other side asking the hard questions that make you think and have an A-Ha Moment and really change.
  • Coaches understand and can empathize often with their own stories and experience. And if you need more of a consultant role they can help guide you towards a solution. They LISTEN!
  • Melinda is also a Certified Life Coach with WCI.


Being mentored by Melinda was a game changer for me! I worked with Melinda, as a Sales Account Manager, in the Fashion/Home Décor Industry. I was new to wholesale and I was extremely overwhelmed. Melinda stepped up and taught me how to be productive with my time, and navigate the challenges of a sales person in an ever changing world. Through that process I became a much more confident sales woman and a top performing SAM. She continues to stay relevant and inspiring through the education she provides on Linked, Podcast, and as a Career Coach. I am grateful that she continues to teach “actionable” techniques that inspire me each day because she has made a difference in my career.

Victoria Lynn


Melinda Van Fleet’s presentation on Building Unstoppable Confidence at the Unselfishly Loving Me- Live Virtual Summit was so valuable! Her idea that confidence is actually a form of self-care was a revelation for me. The actionable steps she gave on setting intentions, mindset, and self-belief really help you to understand how to be comfortable in your own skin. I would recommend her for your event and especially for one on one coaching for building and more importantly maintaining self-confidence.

Tonya Rothe, Yoga Teacher & Holistic Wellness Coach


Melinda is a dynamic speaker. If you want someone who can both capture attention and inspire, Melinda is for you.

Dalia Kinsey


Melinda’s natural honesty and composure have a way of drawing you in to her story and showing you what she’s all about.

Her relatable personality gives me the confidence that she would help guide her clients to bring out the best in themselves and their lives.

Amanda Macais


Melinda is such a positive and inspiring person. She’s breath of fresh air in an increasingly negative world. She makes you feel like, if she can do it, so can you.

Liz Huddleson- owner Miss Monroe and Wild Lily Boutiques


I appreciated your willingness to share open and honesty your story. It was inspiring to hear the key daily steps you have taken to live your best life. The ideas were easily transferable to different goals and journeys. Thank you for helping guide us closer to our true self.

Danielle Hill


Melinda made a subject completely unknown to me seem totally relatable and easily understood. Melinda and her guests easily captured the audiences attention by speaking openly about personal experiences, as if having a conversation with a good friend. Enjoyed the insight, information and enlightenment. Thank you for a great evening!

Sue Wright- owner- Boo Kee Sue Botanics


Melinda was authentic & relatable! She made me feel comfortable and inspired me to share more of my true self with the world!

Carrlee Pinder- owner of Adundant Life Therapy


Melinda is inspirational, authentic and relatable. She has the coaching skills to help women find and build their confidence. I have known Melinda for years since we worked for the same company. She was successful in her business, but coaching is where she has found her calling. I have listened to her podcasts and speaking engagements. Melinda is authentic by sharing her journey to find confidence for herself with all its victories and the trials that she has faced over the years. Melinda’s coaching style is genuine, and she offers achievable, step by step actions you can take to find build confidence to be your best self. She stresses the importance of taking action and doing the hard work to build your confidence. I will continue to be inspired by Melinda as she coaches women to be more confident so each one of us can pursue our calling.

Dawn Grooters, Founder of Broken Vessel Sales Solutions



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