Confidence Mastery for Couples – Roadmap to a More Intimate Relationship
Paperback and eBook available now on Amazon. Audible coming soon!

On the brink of financial and personal disaster, a newly wedded duo dares to risk it all and start over to build the future of their dreams.

Melinda Van Fleet knew her husband fantasized about living in a warmer climate and being a sportfishing captain. And when the pair both lost their jobs in Minneapolis, MN, the pressure weighed heavily on their lives… and marriage. So, with nothing left to lose, they packed up and moved to The Florida Keys to start over and get back on their feet.

Moving to The Keys, put their relationship through a grueling test. But through great effort, they found strength in each other and were able to develop a successful sportfishing business together- Good Karma Sportfishing.

In this inspiring opening confidence series account, author Melinda Van Fleet narrates how tenacity, drive, and perseverance guided her and her spouse to true happiness. She’s here now to share their story and hard-earned wisdom to inspire you to take a chance and create the future you truly desire. With anecdotal stories and exercises, Melinda illustrates how you too can prevail in partnerships, business, love, and finances.

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