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When my friend Debbra Lupien posted about Deb Frueh and her special on tarot card readings, I realized I hadn’t had my tarot cards read in 2 years!!!  So, it was time!

I do these podcasts to share various spiritual, mindset, and healing tools that anyone can use.

Over the years, tools such as tarot, have provided amazing insight and clarity.

A reading with Deb, is in that bucket.

In this podcast, Deb shares her journey into tarot, we talk about my reading, other fun stories, and also her Worldwide Metaphysical Tribe Event that she founded in 2014 and holds in August.

Love this podcast!  Hope you do too!

Please contact Deb for a reading.  30 min for $50 special ends 12/31/20 at 3pm CT. You have the end of February 2021 to get the reading. It’s well worth it!

Thank you for listening and sharing!

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