End The Daily Struggle
And Start Living Your Best Life

What did you want to be when you grow up?

Hi! I’m Melinda

We are asked that so many times as a child. I remember saying “Super Model” (And I am so not! Cheesy right photo as evidence).

But then life happens and you enter the work place. You get going, get settled, years pass…and then maybe in your current work place you:

  • Feel underpaid
  • Feel unappreciated
  • Work struggles over all – maybe with your team? Or responsibilities?
  • Feel overwhelmed
  • Want to be fulfilled /have a bigger purpose
  • You have a talent that you are not using
  • You struggle in a corporate environment- maybe with your boss or its passive aggressive culture

OR! Maybe you are in between career changes and need to find your path.

All of those ways above I have been there. I have felt all of the above as well as been unemployed and starting over.

I have always said and felt the best teachers are the ones with the real life experience.  And in this case coaches

Let’s connect and work together to be the powerful force of change you envision yourself to be.

You can do it!

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”  Napoleon Hill

Why Work with a Success Coach?

Easier to give reasons as to “Why Not?”
If you are not interested in being your best self in your relationships, career, health/fitness, money etc. than you will not want to work with a Success Coach.

Self Help/Wellness/Mental Health is a growing development area. It is predicted that most people will have coaches just like they have trainers.

Fast Easy Tip to Start Changing Your Life

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The Good Karma Success Coach Podcast- Each week my intent is to bring you tactical tips/tools, share my learnings and stories that can help you in your career or general life and make an impact. I aim to inspire, transform and be relatable to where you are in your journey.

Episode 33: Gone Fishing! Ep w/ Ryan

Have fun! Best tip I could ever give.
This week my husband Ryan (Good Karma Sportfishing) and I took a day to go fun fishing. This has always been very stressful for me mentally because I have a hard time taking a day off and relaxing. Being that we were both laid off at the same time, I always felt like if I wasn’t working we were going to fail. I have had to work on this a lot over the years and Thursday was fun! Plus we caught 3 nice wahoo!
I also talk about setting intentions, being present and the “Keys Disease.” Enjoy!

Episode 32: Expectations and Self Awarenes

Focus on Self Awareness to Help Manage Your Expectations- MVF
This is a Part 2 of my Episode 29- Tips on How To Manage Expectations. In these last couple weeks I have had my own learnings on managing my expectations in relation to being self aware. Self Improvement is impossible without Self Awareness. And the most successful people have self awareness as their strongest trait.
Take time to access your traits good and bad. Become aware of them and this will help you with managing your expectations.
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Thank you!

Episode 31: Compassion- A Two Way Street

In a world where you can be anything- why not be kind, compassionate and inspiring.
I hope this podcast inspires you to be compassionate to one more person on a daily basis and also yourself! Stand up for yourself as you deserve to be treated with compassion as well.
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A Success Coach works with you to help you set and achieve goals, move thru obstacles, make decisions, set boundaries.

Therapists dive into your past. Consultants follow a standard plan that may or may not work for you.

Success Coaches are your partner to work with you often holding you accountable while motivating and inspiring so you can be your
best self!